A completely crazy scheme to build a marquee two stories tall over a terrace and pool in a South London house

Project Background

A completely crazy scheme to build a marquee (two stories tall) over a terrace and pool in a south London house.


A canvas to go over a scaffold construction that enclosed the equivalent of a very large family house.


The structure is enormous, Matthew had never even so much as cut a piece of canvas and struggles to put up a bell tent. He assumed a big square of canvass and some ropes would suffice.


From the measurements, and without even a site visit, they created the most amazing waterproof, wind-proof and pretty much indestructible marquee that (subject to planning) could have been a semi permanent structure.


It looked stunning, survived 6 months of English winter, almost hurricane force winds and torrential rain and yet still packs away into a surprisingly small space. It is coming back out for New Year!


Efficient, competent and intuitive and they fully understand how canvas works, which may not sound complicated but it is!

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