The journey begins!

We are so glad to see that Rima Staines and Tom Hirons (aka Hedgespoken) have reached their goal, to transform a beloved Bedford truck into a travelling imaginarium, fit for their art and family to take on the road this summer.

Their amazing vehicle is a wandering theatre for festivals, parks and village greens, as well as being an off-grid home.

Hedgespoken plan to travel our quieter highways and byways this summer/autumn, selling their wares and meeting fellow travellers as they journey between gatherings and events, where they will share their stories, music and art.

Many people played a role in transforming the truck ready for this journey. Kel, half of the Way Out West partnership, is just one of them and has a unique insight into the needs of this work, having travelled the road under canvas herself with a donkey and cart.

We are specialists in bespoke canvas work, particularly for vehicles. The canvas that we made for their stage canopy has a simple beauty that matches the berry maroon and hedgerow green colours they have chosen for their vehicle. We also made the canvas for their pop-up bedroom roof and even a canvas bed and stage rail to protect their most precious passenger.

Their journey (like ours) may not always be smooth, but full of wonder we’re sure; for taking flight and living life on the beautiful edge. Good luck with your adventure Hedgespoken, we’ll be following your progress…

You can follow their progress too, here.

Thank you to Rima and Tom and Simon Blackbourn for the use of their photos.



Hedgespoken 2

Hedgespoken truck-1

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