To begin with this is a 2 person job. Eventually you will do it in 30 minutes. Practice makes perfect!

Please make sure that all children and animals are well clear of the area whilst you are rigging your Caribou! Be conscious of the prevailing weather and avoid installing a Caribou in heavy winds on your very first attempt!


1) Your Jointed Ridge Pole needs to be assembled first. Lay out and bolt the sections together. Please note the TOP and BOTTOM of the Jointed Ridge Pole.  The TOP is indicated by the Aluminium Swan Neck fittings bolted on the end of each section. You are very welcome to hang anything from the ring nut which locates to the bolt on the BOTTOM of the jointed section.

2) You are now ready to locate the Uprights with threaded pins, do this on the ground.  These slot into the swan neck fittings at either end of the Jointed Ridge Pole.

3) After the Uprights have been located into the swan neck fittings you screw on the Finials.  Now take a pair of spliced rope strops and place the spliced ends over the shaped Finials.

4) Your Caribou now needs to be laid out over the Jointed Ridge Pole, with the underside down and the topside up. The reinforced centre section of the Caribou lines up parallel to, and over the Jointed Ridge Pole.

5) Your Caribou needs to be stretched out real tight along the Jointed Ridge Pole. The edges of the Caribou should offer up to the ends of the Jointed Ridge Pole woodwork. You will notice two pairs of small D-Rings at either end of the reinforced ridge section of your Caribou. The short Cambuckle and webbing strap fixes the Caribou to the Finials at either end of the Jointed RidgePole and can be tightened up as hard as possible.

6) Now take a pair of spliced rope strops and place the spliced ends over the shaped Finials at both ends of the Ridge.

7) Your Caribou now needs to have the Webbing Guys attached and laid out evenly and perpendicular to the Caribou at all three of the eyelets along both of the Wall edges.  Make sure the Webbing Guys are ready to tighten and the Webbing is threaded through the mouth of the Cambuckle from back to front.

8) The Webbing Guys are hooked through all six Eyelets and then at each corner you will hook two more Webbing Guys onto each of the four D-rings.  To place the corner Webbing Guys well imagine a line Bisecting the corner of the Caribou. Continue this line beyond the Caribou and lay the Webbing Guys out equally on either side of it arms width apart. These Guys will pull evenly on the diagonal.

9) You are now ready to peg out the three Webbing Guys hooked into the Eyelets along both edges! Using your 450mm larger Pegs, hammer them into a tidy row at least 1000mm from the Caribou. The Webbing Guys should then be looped over the Pegs and slotted into the Peg notch.  The Webbing Guys remember should be perpendicular to the edge of the canvas and they should be of an even length and tautness.

10) Now peg out the two Webbing Guys on each of the four D-Rings at each corner. Remember these Guys will pull evenly on the diagonal!  Using your 450mm larger Pegs, hammer them in 1000mm from the Caribou following the line of the Guys. The Webbing Guys should then be looped over the Pegs and slotted into the Peg notch.

11) You are almost ready to lift your Caribou! Quickly mark the grass by the ends of the Jointed Ridge Pole using a stone or a small peg.  This defines the spot where the base of your Upright will end up. It’s the perfect position for your frame and you can trust this mark EMPIRICALLY!

12) You are ready to lift your Caribou and the wooden frame upright! Really slacken off your Webbing Guys and make sure they are all an even length.

13) Before lifting ensure the following:

a) All the Webbing Guys are attached to the Caribou and the Pegs.

b) All the Webbing Guys are at a similar long length.

c) That two Spliced Rope Strops are slipped over each Finial at either end of the Ridge Pole.

14) With a person on each Upright, lift the frame smoothly and in time to a point half way towards the final marked position. Bed the foot of the Upright into the ground and hang the Caribou off the Webbing Guys. Let the Caribou do the work for you!  This will avoid any unnecessary back injuries.  Slowly inch the frame into the upright position loosening and tightening the Webbing Guys where needed.

15) Now the framework is standing, you can make adjustment to the position of the frame in relation to your Ridge Pole marker stone and in relation to the Peg Line. The Ridge Pole should be parallel to the Peg Line. The Webbing Guys should be perpendicular to the Caribou edge. You are aiming to achieve a good amount of even tension across the whole structure.

16) The Caribou will free stand at this stage! If there is much wind, definitely get your last Webbing Guys hooked onto your Finial Spliced Rope Strops and pegged in place now.

17) Now is the time to locate your Wall Poles and Fly poles. These sit in the same eyelets as your Webbing Guys. On the corners they slot through the D-Ring and sit in the small eyelets. We find the Poles sit best at a slight angle. Experiment with this, you will need to play around with the dynamics of your Caribou depending on what you want to achieve.

18) It is time to stand back, look over the structure, be happy and TWEAK!