We have a fabulous range of modern, technologically advanced fabrics at our disposal.

They all offer differing and combined qualities such as strength, high wear factors, durability, UV resistance, waterproof, rot-proof, fireproof, mould and mildew resistance. All of which are useful for different applications.

We purchase most of our fabric from Kayospruce Ltd a leading supplier of high performance materials and accessories for the leisure and marine industries. We also use other manufacturers of specialist fabrics; Mitco Industrial Textiles and Halley Stevensons . We are always on the look out for new fabrics to use in our work.

Sample cards and larger samples up to A4 can be sent direct to you, to help choose the colour and type of fabric you want.

Our favourite and most used fabrics are listed below:

Regentex FR poly cotton canvas

We use this fabric to make our Caribou and awnings.  This fabric has the beauty and breath-ability of traditional cotton canvas but with all the modern benefits and qualities.  You can create some really great colour combinations with the range of colours available.


We use this fabric for the mud skirts of walls and sides as well as re-enforcing patches and complete canopies.  It is easy to clean and has many other uses as well!  We just love all the funky colours.

Acrylic canvas uncoated/coated

We use this fabric for awnings, where breath-ability is not an issue and a lightweight fabric is required.  It still has a woven appearance and comes in a great range of colours.

Top Gun FR

We use this fabric for larger tents and marquee work  as well as other applications like boat covers.  Not quite the beauty of cotton canvas but is a hard wearing and lighter alternative.

Odyssey FR

A really lightweight fabric, that we use to make awning clip on walls and sides.

Nautolex Maritime

Our favourite for making cushions for boats and outdoors.  Another great range of colours.

Lyntex FR

We can use this fabric to make our Armadillo drive away awnings.

Most of the fabrics above are also available in non-fire resistant versions.