Wind load statement for the erection of a Caribou Canvas

For Safe Erection, Operation & Dismantling of a reinforced, modular, eyeleted canvas rectangle measuring 4270mm x 5740mm

Some things to consider:

Sheltered sites are preferred, bearing in mind south westerly to north westerly prevailing wind.

On site crew should be adequately trained.

Weather forecasts should be available and constantly referred to.

It is recommended that the open frontage does not face into the prevailing wind.

In Adverse Weather Conditions:

It is recommend that as the gusts increase you will need to start closing the Caribous down against the prevailing wind.

Sufficient guy ropes and pegs should be available in order to double guy the Caribous should high winds be forecast.

Any flown up area of the Caribou, that is any area of the Caribou that is raised on flypoles, should have those flypoles removed and all guy ropes/ratchet straps tensioned against the pegs/ground anchors.

If the Caribou cannot be strengthened sufficiently to withstand the forecast wind speeds before they arrive, then the Caribous and its immediate area should be cleared of the public.

In severe conditions where reasonably possible contact The Way Out West Ltd and seek advice.

It is the client’s responsibility to take appropriate action.

Gusting and High Winds/ Exposed Sites

Pole tents and frame tents should be closed down when wind gusting of 40mph is expected, if strengthening measures have taken place then it may be possible to increase this figure.

When the tent is situated on an exposed site it is recommended that, particularly in winter months, that contact can be made to The Way Out West Ltd for advice.

At wind gust speed of 40mph, higher than force 7, and approaching Beaufort scale force 8, Gale.

(Whole trees in motion, difficulty walking into wind, twigs breaking off trees.)

Safe action recommended. Close tent unless strengthened!