Webbing guys:

We have moved from the use of rope guys and strops to full webbing guys with ratchets. Webbing guys are durable, strong and easy to adjust whilst using your Caribou.


We stock two types of peg; metal and wooden. We recommend that you have some of each, as the type of ground that you are setting up on can vary.

Metal pegs:

Our metal ‘shepherds crook’ pegs act like giant staples in hard or stony ground and are great for holding heavy loads and in bad weather. We recommend that you use metal pegs when installing your Caribou in inclement weather, and for the main load bearing guys.

Wooden pegs:

Our solid oak wooden pegs work well in soft wet ground or where walls and gable ends need securing.
These beautiful pegs are much easier to hammer in and have the ability to take on moisture and expand in the ground creating a very solid suction effect once in place!

We recommend that you think about how and where you will be erecting your Caribou, and choose the type of peg best suited to your installation. It’s a matter of getting to know what works best, but we are always happy to advise!

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Guys and Pegs includes: