A tensile, free standing, modular awning designed for the camper van and camping market.

Robustly made using our favourite Regentex poly cotton canvas with Norwegian Spruce poles for that classic, functional feel.

Armadillos are seriously strong all weather shelters that can be erected quickly and easily alongside a camper van, caravan or as a stand alone shelter.

Like the Caribous, our Armadillos are modular. This is important:

Gather with your friends and put up as many as you like in sequence – together!  We really love versatility and this feature allows them to serve a number of functions.  From a porch for two – to a large communal space for many.

We really do love tensile structures and the Armadillos are exactly that. The canvas is stretched tightly into shape (so no flapping!), is very strong and sheds water away from the roof.  You can even collect your rainwater as it flows super efficiently down the Armadillo’s wing like sides.

We can provide a clever gusset to create a watertight seal when using an Armadillo alongside your van. This attaches with Keder rail.

Armadillos also have an optional set of simple clip on walls and doors made from durable coated acrylic canvas or rip stop nylon for lighter weight protection.

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Armadillo System includes: